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"All companies are taking the digital turn in their own way. "

At a time when digital transformation has become a rite of passage, all companies are taking the digital turn in their own way. This can be seen in a number of ways: the creation of a website for the cabinetmaker in town, the creation of a Click and Collect service for the restaurant down the road, or the use of data to understand its customers and improve its approach for a major cosmetics brand.

Digitalization is a never-ending process, which means that you need to surround yourself with employees who are experts in these areas and, above all, who are capable of keeping abreast of developments in the sector. But recruiting in the IT world is no simple matter: it's a sector where competition is fierce, and where the 'perfect' profile is hard to find. It is therefore necessary to dedicate resources to the search for tomorrow's talent in order to ensure the company's long-term future.

Specializing in the IT sector since its inception, Pragmatan supports IT companies and divisions on a daily basis in recruiting their ideal talent.

As a sector that is constantly subject to change and technological advances, IT requires its various players to be truly flexible and highly responsive. This means recruiting new staff who are capable of thinking and acting around innovation, so that the company can stay in the race.

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Our recruitment consultants are trained in the world of IT as soon as they arrive. Our aim is to enable them to understand the world in which they will be working and to facilitate their exchanges with clients and, of course, candidates. Knowledge of tools, programming languages and project methodology makes it easier to understand a business and enables our consultants to be more effective during the recruitment process.

By 2022, our consultants will have recruited more than 5.800 people for all kinds of jobs: Data Analyst, DevOps, Developer, Data Engineer, Systems Engineer, Cloud Architect, Scrum Master, Product Designer, Product Manager, CPO, CTO, etc.

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