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Creation of Pragmatan in France

Création de la société Pragmatan



Creation of Pragmatan Corp in Los Angeles



Consultants ready to take on all your challenges across Europe and the U.S.



Successful assignments

It all began in 2013. Matthieu Le Clech and Tan-Huy Nguyen were business engineers at the time, and the two men came to the same conclusion: recruitment services were often too long, too expensive, and their usefulness depended on the company's activity. The rest of the story is best told by Matthieu :

"The way we set up Pragmatan is not insignificant. I met Tan through work and we've kept in touch ever since. When it came to setting up the company, all I did was send Tan a text message asking if he'd  start a business with me. I'll always remember that first day of setting up the business. We met up at Tan's place, we had no idea where to start, it was nerve-wracking and memorable at the

same time."

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An evolving model 

In its first few months in France, Pragmatan operated as a traditional IT recruitment agency, working on a contingency-based search. Soon enough, the new business leaders discovered an innovative business model widely used in North America. They began offering RPO (aka Recruitment Process Outsourcing): delegating competent full-time, on-site recruiters directly to clients. In September 2023, Pragmatan recruiters placed over 2,000 candidates with their ideal teams, through both headhunting and RPO.

After 10 years  of success in France, Pragmatan created its first North American team based out of Los Angeles in  2023.

And recognized success 

Today, Pragmatan is among the market leaders of the RPO market, distinguished on several occasions for the quality of its services. ​


  • In 2018, Best Recruitment Firm in the "Executive Search" category according to Les Echos and the Statista agency.

  • In 2020, rated "Excellent" in the Recruitment Consulting category according to Décideurs Magazine.

The direction 

In September 2020, Alison Yvan and Laury Raffier, in-house recruiters at Pragmatan (France), were appointed as Executive Directors. These two appointments were part of a desire for strategic change with the primary objective of relaunching Pragmatan's activity impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as well as strengthening employee and customer loyalty.

In August 2023, Lauren Enge  joined Pragmatan (U.S.) as a Recruitment Manager, overseeing strategy and development for our Los Angeles team.

Alison YVAN

Executive director



Executive director


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